Kazoo Technology - the company behind the Turtle Learn brand - was founded in 2016 by a team who saw the importance of multi-sensory stimulation in early-stage education products. As the world moves towards ever more digital and fancier edtech solutions, the lack of the physical touch dimension in early childhood education is becoming more apparent by the day and needs a solution. Empowered by Kazoo Technology’s own EFM® technology, physical objects can interact directly with touchscreens in a variety of interesting ways that can capture even the attention of even adults.

Our Products

Our products have undergone rigorous user testing and gained widespread recognition from parents and educators. In particular, the Chinese-learning product series, “Touring Turtle: A Chinese Adventure”, was developed in collaboration with the Education University of Hong Kong following the authoritative Chinese teaching curriculum from the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.

The Cookie Kiddle product line targets an even younger mind to stimulate the learning interest of English vocabularies and eye-hand coordination, using nothing but a smart tactile learning cube that spells out letters as it is tapped on the touchscreen. Combined with native English pronunciation, the resulting multisensory stimulation helps children subconsciously and effortlessly commit the materials to memory.